My sister and brother-in-law, in their late 60’s, had Covid in Dec ‘21. Neither had the vaccine. They were both very sick, and he got to the point he couldn’t breathe. She called the ambulance late Thursday night, and he almost ran to get help when it arrived. She stayed home per hospital protocols. He was taken to Ladysmith Hospital, where he was given Remdesivir, then sent to a small hospital at Weston. They said that was the closest one with a bed available. They sedated him and he was put on a ventilator at some point. My sister was not able to see him until Monday when they said he was brain dead and she needed to decide on taking him off life support. She was only able to see him to say goodbye. The attending doctor told her that Remdesivir should never have been given to him based on his medical history. The damage was irreversible. He died shortly after machines were turned off.

New Auburn, WI

I hope all is well with you; it’s been a while. I have been following your story about Grace and thought I would reach out. I am not certain on the time frame when I planted the trees around your pond, meaning I am not certain how old the kids were at that time.

My son Evan has Epilepsy with Lennox - Gastaut Syndrome. Evan is now 31 years old. Evan was in St. Elizabeth's Hospital, with some seizure related issues, after you started informing the public of the Immoral Health Care System that exists so close to home. They tested him for Covid, and although he had absolutely no symptoms, they said he tested positive and was placed in the Covid wing ...

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Black Creek, WI

My healthy mother, Barbara Lowney, also fell victim to murder on December 14, 2021 by the doctors and nurses at Appleton Medical Center, AMC, in Appleton, WI. THEY put her on the ventilator! THEY administered those lethal poisons into my mom without our knowledge or even my dad’s, Gerald Lowney. He was the POA and did not give his consent. We, as a family, are still struggling to live our lives normally knowing things were shady as hell from the get go. I wish I knew then what I do now. I feel as if I, or we as a family, didn’t fight hard enough for my mom. My dad and I are carrying so much guilt, it’s killing us.

Wild Rose, WI

On April 1, 2021, my beautiful mother Brenda Lee Hendrickson was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital with a broken hip. She fell in the kitchen while getting up for some water. She was transported by ambulance to St. E's she laid in pain without any pain medication for 8+ hours.

Then they told us in the morning she was positive for Covid-19 she was not feeling well. We were not able to see her at all for her entire stay!!! She went from being a fairly healthy 69-year-old woman to a very frail weak woman. My mother had the fight of a lioness. I could not understand how this turned into such a roller coaster ride of ups and very low downs. ...

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Menasha, WI

My grandson was born at 24 weeks at Thedacare in Neenah. We were told by NICU specialist he would be on a breathing tube till he reached 33 weeks. They removed his tube a day later and told my daughter he was breathing on his own with assistance from a cpap machine. He didn't have lung capacity at that young age so how is he breathing on his own? We lost him 5 days later due to an air bubble in his chest cavity. I believe they killed him. It was during Covid so I could not be with my 23 year old daughter while she went through this experience for the first time ever. We have spoken to attorneys but need to hire a medical specialist attorney which is out of our reach financially. We want justice for our sweet grandson.

Oshkosh, WI

I am so sorry for your loss!! My heart breaks hearing your story!! My husband passed away from covid a day before Grace at AMC in Appleton WI. The pain is unreal and not right!! Our loved ones should still be here. Thank you for all you do.

Iola, WI

My Dad's Story - C*vid Didn't Kill Him

First of all, I want everyone who reads this story to know that in all things we as a family believe God is sovereign. While we do believe my dad should have walked out of that hospital if he had received proper treatment, we also believe that the Lord could have healed him if he so desired, outside of any medicine. We find comfort in knowing that, and truly believe the Lord allowed us to see the plan of the enemy to help others, save lives, which in turn can save souls for eternal glory. This blog post is going to get long, so I’m sorry for that, but the Lord unveiled everything to us in His perfect timing, and each part is so critical to understand. So please read it all even if you watch the information at a later date ...

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(This link will go offsite to Allie Lundeen's PRVBS Girl 2 Blog)

Marshfield, WI

This is actually a very condensed versions of our first and last experience at Ascension Mercy in Oshkosh.

In 2021, my husband was admitted to Ascension Mercy hospital which ended up being a 37 days stay due to being overmedicated. He originally was admitted to Ascension St Elizabeth’s of Appleton, but I was told Mercy has this "new wonderful geriatric unit." A week later, I learned that upon admission at Mercy, doctors removed his 8 year dementia diagnosis upon admission - FTD type which is frontotemporal and affects decision making. The dementia diagnosis was on St Elizabeth’s chart when he was transferred, but Mercy decided to remove it from his chart. This resulted in the dementia diagnosis not being taken into consideration and medications not recommended for patients with dementia were used.

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Oshkosh, WI

No visitation allowed at St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee, WI during 2 separate hospital stays. My mom, 79 yrs. old with COPD and partially handicapped, always had either my father or I with her at all dr. appointments and hospital visits to advocate for her and because of the language barrier with my mom especially when related to medical terminology. My mom had not been vaccinated for covid because of our concern for adverse reactions ...

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Waterford, Wisconsin

I thank you for sharing your story and what you said on Q90 helped me when I got Covid. My own experience when in the hospital is they would not treat the chronic conditions I already had while in the hospital. I kept asking for my meds and when I asked the answer was no. My epilepsy is severe and at that time was on 4 different anticonvulsants every day. They were only giving me one pill that had no chance of being enough on its own. It seems to me that being as sick as I was, they were depending on my inability to comprehend all that was going on as a way to let me die - blaming covid; but truthfully would have been because of their mistreatment. By God's grace I left and got treatment at home.

De Pere, WI

I‘m not a medical professional nor am I medically trained. I went with Brian to most appointments for the past 10 years ‘til C-vid restrictions. I researched and read what doctors provided for his conditions and meds. For over three decades I worked the security side with criminal offenders. Training and experience determining inconsistencies and deception lead to skilled investigations. Difficult at times, encountering evil; it has prepared me for this very moment, a harsh reality.

My husband Brian passed on Fri, Sept 10, 21. Death Cert reads: COD "C-VID-Pneumonia." I can't prove otherwise, though taken by ambulance to St. Elizabeth Hospital Appleton, WI with blood sugar-34, temp-103.6, and positive test at ER for C-vid on Tues morning, Sept 7, his vitals were normal later that day-except for the ER Doctor calling to inform of Brian's admission, St E's staff didn't inform me of anything until "the call" Weds evening. I arrived within minutes of the ambulance.

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Appleton, WI

Our story started on Tuesday Sept 20th, 2021.

Larry was a strong healthy 78 year old man who still worked his heart out running several businesses. He camped, rode horse, farmed and loved his family more than anything!

Larry woke up with a cough and didn’t really think anything of it ...

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Cecil, WI

Thank you for bringing out your story. My father was murdered by the hospital for money with Covid, so I understand that pain. I have a severely disabled daughter who’s 25 soon to be 26. I have been fighting they BEAST (hospital system) since the day we found out she had Lissencephaly at 2 months old. They automatically reduced her quality of life when they gave me the news. In fact, they told me that her condition was so rare to them that I would have better luck researching the info myself on the internet. They also told me that we would be lucky if she made it to 2 years old. Like you, I put my trust in God for her life, NOT the BEAST. I have spent her entire life firing doctors and fighting them for equipment. I DO NOT allow ANY doctor to do anything to my daughter until I research. I knew from the very beginning that none of what they were spinning about Covid made any real sense. I have spent my daughter’s entire life learning and keeping her safe from ANY virus/bacteria because anything can mean death for her. So, I knew right away where this was going and what the end goal for the BEAST was going to be. I will NOT take my daughter in for any type of appointment, even their fake "wellness" appointments. I will do the video appointments because I need prescriptions signed. Unfortunately, her molded seating system has broken down and she is in desperate need of that. I decided that I was going to have to get that going, which I have, but it has been 6 months and we hear NOTHING. I send them emails to ask about it and they tell me that they’ll get back to me but that hasn’t happened yet. In my daughter’s chart, because we refused the VAX and I told her doctor the truth about the tests and how made up it all is, my daughter has a LONG letter tagged in her chart that we are against all of this Covid nonsense and the Vax. I don’t know if that is why we are having issues, but I have my own suspicions about that. I also try to educate people about a lot of the "system" of government and what they do. I ran a DME for 3 years and I also worked in the hospital for 3 years while going to collage for Neurodiagnostics. I became VERY active in ALL aspects of her life to learn how the system works. Including writing prior authorizations, coding and the likes. I will keep all you in our prayers and share your story. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Tomah, WI

Our hearts go out to you and your family!! We are SO SORRY to hear what happened to your beautiful daughter!! We have been following your story about your Amazing Grace, and have fallen in love with her!! Grace truly is a Star, and will forever shine in our hearts!! Thank you for sharing her story! It is SO SAD, and such a TRAGEDY at what happened at St. Elizabeth's hospital on October 13th of 2021, and what is happening in our country, and all around the world. Satan is at work, and we as a nation, NEED TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON!! So again, thank you so much for getting your story out there, and using if for God's Glory!!

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Abrams, WI

I am so heartbroken to hear the tragic story of your sweet Grace. I have a similar story about my dear mom. My vaccinated 73 year old mom tested positive for Covid in November. She was given no other instructions but to make an appointment for monoclonal antibodies. She had asthma and other co-morbidities. By the time she went for her antibodies her 02 was 85%. She was never given the MA treatment. She was taken from her husband, given the deadly covid protocol, and would not be seen by a loved one for 20 days!! Later we would learn her 02 was back up to 98% in the ER; she should’ve been sent home. As we’re learning though, remdesivir and the other deadly EU drugs are given by iv. That’s why the push for hospital admission is so hard!! Another deadly drug we learned about is Olumiant/baricitinib. It is a hard-core drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis (after all other options are exhausted) with no known benefits to treat covid. Side effects include upper respiratory infections and blood clots. Warning label states to NOT take if there are any present infections!! An antibiotic called Levaquin was also given to her. It’s supposed to be used to treat bacterial infections, anthrax and certain types of plagues. Can have disabling and serious side effects. My mom went into Watertown Regional Medical Center walking and talking!! She did not take herself to the ER, she was TAKEN. Soon her vaccine status was changed to UNvaccinated, her prescribed vitamin D and other vitamins were discontinued. She was given this lethal combination of drugs, isolated and starved!! This makes it easy to convince a patient they need to be intubated. She was texting her family on Thanksgiving and put on a ventilator the next morning!! Family was notified after the fact. Of course, shortly after she was intubated the hospitalist tried to pressure us to make her DNR, we declined. We were finally allowed to see her and tried desperately to get her moved and some ivermectin. She deteriorated before our eyes and died a long, horrific death. When she was supine position (on her stomach) her tube feed was withheld for 12 hours at a time. At one point she was getting 11% of her nutrition goal. How is anyone supposed to get better without nutrients and vitamins? I’m convinced that is not the objective. Finally, we lost the battle and her lung collapsed due to the high setting of the ventilator. She was swollen, a tinge green, and had bed sores. We were not made aware of one sore in particular until we had the vent removed. On her cheek, where the vent rested, was an open sore the size of a quarter. I haven’t even touched on the horrific bedside manner of the staff at this hospital. Start to finish this was nothing short of a living nightmare. My sweet, innocent mama passed on 12/22/21 and died an unnecessary and awful death.

Oconomowoc, WI