Worldwide Genocide Plan to Reduce Population

7/19/2022 News Release

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‘Genocide Then and Now’

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I saw Gracie's story and feel your pain. The same thing happened to my husband, Vincent, of 48 yrs. We are both disabled from birth, but worked, took care of each other, and lived independently. My husband was admitted to UPMC Presbyterian hospital in Pittsburgh PA in Oct. of 2021 for a life-threatening pressure sore, but was progressing well. We were not injected with the shots, and we were harassed because of that. My husband eventually got Covid, and the hospital would not give him appropriate treatment, and I would not allow Remdesivir and a ventilator, so they did nothing appropriate and killed him. While he was dying, I got Covid, ended up in the same ER, but would not allow a PCR test for fear I would end up like my husband. In that case I was released with no discharge paperwork or instructions, and I was very ill. Luckily my family secured Ivermectin for me, and along with some supplements, I survived. My husband was murdered for the government financial incentives for "treating" Covid and getting a Covid diagnosis on the death certificate. I will never be the same. If I can do anything to help, I would be glad to. I am a retired medical microbiologist and medical technologist and have spent hundreds of hours studying Covid and the gene therapy injections, and death protocols for profit vs. effective and inexpensive treatment with repurposed drugs that work. This whole plandemic is genocide on many levels, and those who are administrating and executing this murder must be held to account.

Pittsburg, PA

I heard about your loss of your daughter through a good friend of mine. I had the similar experience with my daughter who was born with Rett Syndrome. She is not able to take care of herself/cannot speak for herself. She was in the hospital for Covid/pneumonia. I’m not a big fan for doing vaccines due to side effects. Once she was admitted I was unable to see her for 10 days, which literally was killing me. We have never been apart since she was born. I was her sole care giver/her voice. Once I was able to see her, I was there every day! The only medication she took was for seizure. Once I started questioning everything they were doing to her, I demanded that they stopped. I was watching them slowly killing her. I stated I would sue them if they did not stop. They immediately signed her out and sent her to a so-called aftercare facility. They were doing the same treatment the hospital was doing. I was faced with this same challenge again. After three long months by the grace of God I was able to bring her home. My heart is broken for you and your family. We need more people to come together and hold these people accountable for what they are doing to our loved ones.

Oregon, OH

My story is so similar to so many. I will do my best to keep my story here short – but that is difficult for me to do.

Nelson and I had just returned from a 5-week camping trip to Maine ...

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Pittsburg, PA

We faced many of the same problems with our hospital and doctors as the Schara’s did in Wisconsin.

From what I experienced, Sacred Heart Hospital has left it’s Christian foundation and adherence to the Hippocratic oath . It was quite a shock to realize my wife and I had no say in the treatment she received once they said Covid had been detected, even though she had no Covid symptoms. There was little informed consent. I was not allowed to see her in ICU for 23 days. When their treatment plan failed they refused to try ours. When they decided it was time for her to die they put her on "comfort care". Even though she had been on a ventilator from day 2 and heavily drugged so that she was unarousable, medically paralyzed in a level 3 coma, the last three days they upped her drugs to 5ml/hr hydromorphone, 10ml/hr Midazolam, 120ml/hr Ketamine and 15ml/hr of norepinephrine .This combination of Hydromorphone and Midazolam in higher doses has been used in some states for death row executions and is also called a euthanasia cocktail by people trying to stop the euthanasia of elderly people. Were the amounts of these drugs given to my wife enough to end her life like what happened to Grace? I had to negotiate to see her on the day she died. I had no idea about the drugs and end of life sedatives used on her till I read the records months later. The hospital refused to talk to me in person after she died. They gave me few satisfactory answers to the questions I had about her treatment. When hospitals are willingly accepting monetary incentives from the Federal government to treat people with ineffective and life-threatening treatment protocols for Covid you know something is very wrong. People are calling this partnership between the corporate hospitals like Providence and the federal government the Nazification of American medicine. I agree! Totally ungodly, evil and inhumane. The Covid plandemic has proved to me that government and medicine is truly a deadly mixture. I pray the Schara’s will be successful in awakening the American people. These hospitals and doctors need to be held responsible for their actions. We are trying to start a local support group in Spokane and if you would like to join us, please contact me at

Spokane, WA

I saw Scott's interview on Grace and Glory. You are spot on with what is going on in our medical system. I have been an RN for the past 35 years and I have seen it all. Back in the early 90's, I saw how the disabled and elderly were treated with bias. They were not treated with hope, dignity, and have the right to life. Thank-you for getting the truth out. God Bless.

Monroe, NC

My husband was "kidnapped" by a local hospital in Maine when he used the services of the emergency room ...

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Gilead, ME

Unbelievable story of young mom killed by hospital protocols:

Claremont, CA

My mom Twila Apger was in an abusive guardianship, and placed in a nursing home in Houghton County Michigan where she was drugged with antipsychotics, placed on a DNR, and neglected.

I petitioned the court for guardianship to try to get her out of that situation, and a week before we were supposed to go to court, they placed my mom on hospice, she had a urinary tract infection that they didn’t want to treat, they took away her blood pressure and thyroid meds and replaced with Morphine, Ativan and Fentanyl. I filed for an emergency hearing once I found out they placed her on hospice ...

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Iron Mountain, MI

I am so sorry for what happened to Grace and I appreciate you exposing her murder. I am also trying to expose my daughter’s murder.

My name is Rebecca the mother of a healthy 28 year old daughter, who was murdered in Northwell Health Hospital on Oct 6th 2021 after being on the vent for 33 days and was given 10 rounds of Remdesivir.

This is my story below.

God Bless you in this fight,

Locust Valley, NY

My husband, a healthy 52 year old was admitted to the hospital with Covid his O2 was in the high 80s. His file was marked ‘unvaccinated’. We asked for monoclonal antibodies because he was in the first 10 days of the illness and were told that he didn't meet the criteria. We refused the Remdesivir, and his file was marked. Other medications were given to him without my knowledge. The care he received from the nursing staff was criminal. He lost >30 pounds in a month. He did not receive meals. He did not get assistance to go to the bathroom even though they were giving him medication to make him go they would not help him out of bed. His wires were always tangled. His breathing machine ran out of water often and not replaced. His nose was crusted with blood. He many times couldn’t reach water. He wasn’t cleaned or turned. I could only visit between 4-6 pm. I tried to put a camera in the room to watch his machines, but they told me it was a violation of hospital policy. I met with nursing staff managers to complain about the care he was receiving. He would text when he called the nurse for help. Often, I would call also because he would not get any response. I documented the dates and times and what he was calling for and gave it to the nursing manager. The care did not improve. The doctors would take him on and off antibiotics. On vancomycin he seemed to improve and then they would take him off. Finally, they intubated him. He suffered kidney failure from all the strong medication. He also was put on fentanyl. When I questioned why so strong a med they said they did not want him in pain if he was in any. We had one good day where we talked about taking him off dialysis and the next day he was gone. With the amount of medication he was on was mind boggling. None treated his respiratory issues. His death certificate was marked kidney failure and covid pneumonia. What they are doing is criminal. I’m struggling whether to share my story. My son was sick and the doctor’s inaction led to blindness in one eye. I filed a lawsuit and it’s been 8 years and still not settled. It’s been very painful, and I don't think I could go through it again.

Marshville, NC

On September 17, 2021, Greg had a fever and wasn’t feeling well. He was sick and couldn’t eat or drink much. We were managing his symptoms with Tylenol and Advil. On September 21, I took him to Legacy Meridian hospital emergency room because he had labored breathing. They sent him home with an inhaler. On September 22, Greg was still having breathing problems, so I took him back and he was admitted ...

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Dublin, OH