Our mother died December 16, 2021, after a horrific eleven-day ordeal at a hospital whose murderous protocols ensured her death ...

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Cave Creek, AZ

My father’s life was ended intentionally:


I have the records, recordings, and expert medical physicians to validate my claim. Euthanasia, Medicare fraud, personal injury resulting in death all in the name of GREED ...

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Brandon, MS

My son, Jonathon Crenshaw (age 35) became ill with covid early July 2021. He entered the first hospital on July 7, 2021. He was ventilated and give Remdesivir against my wishes. Jonathon consented to the ventilator and Remdesivir as he was an adult. He was airlifted to another hospital on July 14, 2021 and put on ECMO. He underwent numerous medical procedures. On August 20, he was fully conscious and able to communicate with his family. He was eventually removed from the vent and improved enough to participate in PT and OT. He was able to eat any food of his choosing. We were told that Jonathon would need a bilateral lung transplant at a hospital in Phoenix Arizona. Jonathon was not chosen for the transplant. The doctors said that he was not supposed to have lived and they did not know what to do with him. He could not live on the ECMO indefinitely. The decision was made that he would not recover, and he would be removed from the ECMO. I fought the legal system trying to get a restraining order to stay his execution that was set for September 25, 2021. The doctor told me that she would eject me from the hospital if I did not stop fighting the execution. I call his death an execution because that is what he called it. He would ask the nurses and medical staff what time his execution was going to take place. I asked Jonathon if he wanted me to keep fighting. He told me to stop fighting because I was fighting evil and would not win. He said he needed me to be with him when they turned off the machine. He said he was going to be with Jesus and to stop fighting and stop crying. In fact, all of his friends came to visit, and he would not let them cry in his room. He said his room was a "no cry zone". He made me promise to tell his story to anyone that will listen. That is exactly what I have done.

West Monroe, LA

My boyfriend, age 56 had Colon Cancer, stage 4. He was diagnosed in August, 2019 after an emergency trip to the hospital where he had emergency surgery to remove a 5cm size tumor. It had already spread to his liver and lungs. He refused Chemo and decided to try alternative therapies. They told him he only had 6-8 months to live without chemo, but up to 3 years with chemo (my research came up with an average of 1 year with chemo). After his PET scan in September the oncologist told him he would be dead by Christmas if he didn't start chemo right away. He lived a total of 14 months after his diagnosis, and probably would have lived longer if Hospice hadn't murdered him.

Up until April of 2020 he was improving and feeling great, but after coming down with a "virus" in May, which I now believe was Covid, he started to deteriorate very quickly. By September he was in a lot of pain and was needing blood transfusions and was having problems breathing which ended up in a few trips to the ER. We were looking at 3 different cancer clinics to possibly start IPT (low dose chemo) considering his current condition. He was still walking around and very much wanting to continue the fight.

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Colorado Springs, CO

... We also lost our daughter September, 2021 to "covid" in a TX hospital after she was there 30 days. It was during the delta phase. Her husband was fighting for his life at home. A nurse was coming to his home every night for 2 weeks to give him alternative treatments. He was very sick too. Her teenage sons also got covid and came out of it quicker.

Our daughter had immune, lung and inflammatory issues and it hit her hard. We suspect she was neglected in the hospital at the least, and allowed to die at the worst ...

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On April 1, 2021, my beautiful mother Brenda Lee Hendrickson was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital with a broken hip. She fell in the kitchen while getting up for some water. She was transported by ambulance to St. E's she laid in pain without any pain medication for 8+ hours.

Then they told us in the morning she was positive for Covid-19 she was not feeling well. We were not able to see her at all for her entire stay!!! She went from being a fairly healthy 69-year-old woman to a very frail weak woman. My mother had the fight of a lioness. I could not understand how this turned into such a roller coaster ride of ups and very low downs. ...

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Menasha, WI

My brother was murdered in St. Patrick's Hospital in Missoula, MT on October 20, 2021 (only 58 yrs. old) with Remdesivir. They gave him no food because he was on a massively high flow of oxygen via a bi-pap machine because he refused to be put on a ventilator. He was first put on a nasal canula when he initially arrived and within a day, they put him on the bi-pap. ...

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Great Falls, MT

My brother-in-law was not disabled, but had some health issues. He was admitted to St. Clair Hospital in December of 2021 with breathing problems. They put him on a ventilator almost immediately. Then started Remdesivir. I begged my family to listen to me, but because I am unvaccinated, they would not. I sent them articles they would not read and demanded that I stop upsetting everyone. Ron passed away after being on the ventilator for 14 days. Interestingly enough, the exact number of days for the hospital to receive the additional funds for ventilator use. My heart breaks for him and my family, although at this point they still do not speak to me.

Ron was 60 years old and was delighted to have his second grandchild. Tragic.

St. Louis, MO

On November 5, 2021 we had no choice but to take our son to the emergency room in Bullhead City Arizona. Our son had low oxygen reading and we needed some oxygen for him. He was admitted into the hospital and put into the ICU with Covid pneumonia. Our son had Down Syndrome and a Factor 5 blood disorder. The Factor 5 clotted his blood. Since 2013 he had been on Warfarin for his blood clots. Prefect storm for the hospital.

Upon his admittance, the admitting doctor ordered all his meds including his Warfarin. On November 6, unknown to us, the order was cancelled by another doctor.

They wanted to give him Remdesivir and we said, "NO- we do not want him to have that." We asked for another drug that our primary doctor stated had better results and not harmful to the liver and kidneys. Because our son was non-verbal and was strong headed, they wanted us to stay 24/7 with him. We also had Covid and were very sick. But we did 12 hours shifts with him.

We were right there for them to discuss all with us. According to the records, we were not told they started Remdesivir. My husband caught them the second dose and told them "No" again. According to one report, he got a total of four doses. On the 13th of November, our son had to go poop and would not use the bed pan. So, I lifted him out of bed and was going to put him on the bedside commode. He started to scream, and I went to put him back on the bed and he flatlined on me. So, they backed me off and did a Sternum rub and got his heart going. They strong armed me into allowing him to be put on a ventilator. They stated if I wanted him to live that I would put him on it.

Unknown to us that they have not been giving him blood thinners all this time. I feel he throw a clot and it passed through his heart. On 18th of November, we were again not aware, they gave him Alteplase, a clot buster. Now this is where the reports don't match up. The one report states that he was given Heparin starting November 11, 2021, but the other report states not until November 25, 2021. On November 24, 2021, they rolled him from his belly to his back and his blood pressure tanked. We heard the doctor state that he thinks that he threw a clot. They would not do a cat scan or an ultrasound. They had him on 4 different blood pressure drips trying to keep his blood pressure up. We told them that was what happened in 2013 when he had clots in his lungs. We were ignored.

On November 29, 2021, we shut off the machines. This information that I provided was after I got the courage up to read the reports on November 10, 2022.

Laughlin, NV

My sister Lori Kay Deschaw age 67 passed away March 11, 2022. I know Henry Ford main hospital in Detroit Michigan murdered my sister.

She had liver cancer and ended up in hospital for issues from her liver cancer. Toxins built up in her body sometimes if she didn't have 4 bowel movements a day. The toxins went to her brain which caused her to be very confused, weak, unable to walk, etc. That has happened a few times during her cancer battle the past year and a half. She would get better within 4/5 days and come home. This time it was different. The local hospital transferred her to Detroit Henry Ford main hospital where her liver specialist was.

She was tested two times for Covid and it was negative. Detroit tested her again and they claimed she was positive. They kicked me out of her room and quarantined her. She wasn't able to think straight or talk well because of the toxins because of liver not working well. The hospital saw her as an easy target. You can just imagine what happened next. Yes, Remdesivir for five days without our consent. It was horrible what they did to her. They ventilated her. They claimed she stopped breathing.

She was hospitalized February 17th, 2022 and died March 11th, 2022. They wouldn't let us in to see her. We only could call to talk to nurses. Her husband is in denial about what happened to her. He received all vaccines and boosters for Covid and made her get them too. He thinks the government and CDC are trustworthy.

My heart is broken, and I know my sister was tortured in that hospital with all the poisons they injected in her. She had no knowledge of what was happening.

Hearing your story about your daughter is confirmation to me that I’m not crazy it’s not conspiracy - they are killing people for money. My condolences to you and your family. I thank you for what you are doing; telling Grace’s story, hospital rescues, etc. I believe God Almighty will bring justice to all who were murdered in the hospitals. He is all-knowing and all-seeing. My sister was married so my family doesn't have much power on her behalf.

In short, my sister was in the hospital, alone and defenseless - an easy target. They saw an opportunity and they took it. Murder for money. They even put on death certificate she died of liver cancer. Unbelievable. They murdered her.

Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Trenton, MI