Big Brother Travis

Writings by Grace: My Big Brother Travis



Grace Emily Schara

January 30, 2020

My big brother Travis, also known as Chicken Butt, Butt Cheeks, is who inspires me.

He went to college, loved cooking, loved hiking, loved skiing, biking, just about anything being outdoors, and was a personal trainer. He also was a good brother, a good uncle, was lovable, and loved animals.

Some things I remember about him are: When I was a baby, he helped me with my muscle tone by jumping on the trampoline with me. I remember he’d exercise and put me on his shoulders, and lift me up and down behind his back. He talked on the phone with me too, which helped with my vocabulary. I really, really remember and LOVED it when he wore Axe body spray and smelled handsome!!

Travis drove an Audi car which inspires me to get an Audi when I drive. The walks we took to Dominos, DQ, and Walgreens inspires me to walk more. He taught me how to use a smartphone and my Ipad. I really like using emojis and Bitmoji’s today. His love for cooking and training people helps me to think about eating right and helping people with their goals. I’d like to be more like my brother and honor him by eating healthier and losing weight.

I hope I can inspire people like he has inspired me. He was a loveable, likeable, handsome leader of health and fitness who had a caring heart like Chewbacca on Star Wars, known as Chewy.