What Can Be Done? Part of an Agenda? Genocide in the U.S.?

Did God Take Grace Home Early to Expose What's Happening?

What is the current paradigm toward DS children? 67 percent are already aborted.

Was Grace’s death premeditated – you be the judge…21 questions we’d like answered:

  1. Why was Grace having Down Syndrome noted 36 times in the 22 doctor reports written in the 7 days Grace was hospitalized?
  2. Why was Grace recommended to admit to hospital when most were told to go home?
  3. Why did the hospital let me be an advocate, against policy, after I told them I’d take Grace home?
  4. Why did the staff use an unnecessary Bipap?
  5. Why didn’t they feed her?
  6. Why did they sedate her, for 4 days prior to her death – the Package Insert states 24-hour max?
  7. Why did a 14-year ICU nurse insist Jess go home to take a shower, the morning of Grace’s last day, when Scott was told he had to shower in the room?
  8. Why did the care instantly change (strap to bed/feeding tube/maximum sedation) when we said ‘no’ to the 5th request for ventilator pre-authorization – morning of Grace’s last day?
  9. Did the hospital being at 100% capacity, with a full ER, influence their decision making?
  10. Did the $13,000 COVID death bonus influence their decision making?
  11. Is the government’s COVID bonus carrot the leverage needed to "buy" hospital cooperation?
  12. Why didn’t the same ICU nurse wait for Grace’s numbers to stabilize before the feeding tube?
  13. Why did the doctor place an illegal DNR order 8 minutes after maximizing Precedex sedation med?
  14. Why did the same 14-year ICU nurse deliver the med combination that killed Grace?
  15. Why wasn’t a nurse bedside to monitor Grace, as required by the Morphine Package Insert?
  16. Why did the phlebotomist agree with the ICU nurse that Grace wasn’t cold?
  17. Why didn’t nurses use the reversal drug when the family pleaded for them to save Grace’s life?
  18. Why didn’t even one of the 30 nurses in the hallway come into the room until after Grace died?
  19. Why was the doctor ordered DNR up on the nurse’s computer screen when Jess asked what was going on?
  20. Why was there an armed guard posted outside Grace’s room after the Morphine dosage was delivered?
  21. Why did a nurse tell Cindy, "Me and several of the other nurses don’t think Grace should have died today?"

Conclusion: Biden calling Putin a brutal dictator is a deception – Putin is schoolgirl compared to the genocide operation Biden is overseeing – how can the U.S. be in the top 20 of COVID deaths worldwide? The disabled and elderly are the first to die. Who’s next?