Deprogramming with Grace's Dad

Why do you believe what you believe? Do you really know, or did you believe it because you have been programmed?

The path after Grace’s death has ultimately led Scott to discovering he has been programmed to believe things that are not true – lots of things. Scott would like this podcast series to open eyes and hearts to start the process of deprogramming yourself.

In Matthew 18:3, Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." A child asks why until he or she receives an answer. A child has reasons for what he or she believes. Why? Why? Why? Do you remember when your children asked questions like this and the enormous responsibility that came with your answers?

An example. Grace would have not accepted that electric cars would save the planet. She would have asked, ‘Mom, where does electricity come from?’ She would have quickly discerned another government lie when mom told her the truth.

Now it is your turn. Until you know the ‘why’, you know nothing!

The first step is the hardest…realizing you’ve been programmed.

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The Best Kept Secret
Special Guest Sean Stone
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Stealth Euthanasia: How hospice was given
a license to kill and the current culture of death.
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Exposing Truth Amongst Diversions.
Satan's Tactics Illustrated.
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Deprogramming from the Cult of Medicine:
Special Guest Robert Scott Bell
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The Bioweapon and Where We Go From Here.
Del Bigtree’s Perspective on Vaccines.
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Get Ready for the Euthanasia Agenda.
Grace’s Murder Led to Exposing This Nightmare.
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Navigating the News in a Censored World.
Special Guest Zak Paine
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Revelation, Revolution, or
Submission to Satan?
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Stew Peter's Perspective on
Protocols and the Bioweapon
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Hospital Hostage Negotiations, Part 2
Special guests Greta Crawford and Laura Bartlett
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Special Guest Kate Shemirani.
Connecting the Dots With
Government Euthanasia Agenda.
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Never Again is Now.
Special Guest Vera Sharav.
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Is a Patient’s Right to Life More
Important Than Hospital Protocols?
Wis. Supreme Court to issue opinion (Part 2)
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The Government Can Legally Kill Us.
The Second Largest PSYOP in the Past 120 Years!
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Is a Patient’s Right to Life More
Important Than Hospital Protocols?
Wis. Supreme Court to issue opinion (Part 1)
    Rumble     Soundcloud

Hospital Hostage Negotiations, Part 1
Special guests Greta Crawford and Laura Bartlett
    Rumble     Soundcloud

Hospital Murders are Real:
Stacy Ograyensek’s fight for her husband, Ryan.
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Dr. Ardis - Damar Hamlin injury,
medical doctor programming,
snake venom updates AND COVID detoxing!
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New Obamacare Death Panel;  State DNR Collusion;
Use of Medical Directive to save your life.

Special Guest Sean from SGT Report
9/11 Cover-Up - Why the U.S. Planned the Attack
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Special Guest David Fiorazo
How Christian Churches Have Been Programming Us
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Special Guest Priscilla Romans
Healthcare sucks, get an advocate!
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Special Guest Dr. Carrie Madej
MRNA, Nanotechnology, and the Bigger Picture
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The Global Evil Agenda
Insights from Alex Newman
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How do we properly fight against medical
tyranny? Special guest Pastor Matt Trewhella.
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Our Inaugural Podcast:
Breaking the Spell of Propaganda with Mikki Willis
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