The Tragedy: Thou Shall Not Murder

Confirmation Bias or Excuses?

Summary of Notes from Doctors’ Reports:

  • Not vaccinated referenced 6 times.
  • Christian referenced 3 times.
  • Frontline Doctors misinformation campaign/stuff referenced 4 times.
  • Low oxygen saturation referenced at least 19 times. Significant because of the multiple times we used our own oxygen saturation meter confirming the hospital measurement was incorrect. In spite of being challenged directly, hospital staff only replace oxygen saturation measuring leads 3 times in 7 days, at an average invoiced price of only $78! Staff blamed sweaty leads as the reason for inaccurate readings.
  • Unable to/likely will be difficult to prone referenced 7 times. "I still have a feeling that we may be limited in our ability to prone the patient unless of course, she becomes intubated and sedated." [From 10/9/21 doctor Leonard report.] Dr. Leonard also negatively referenced Grace’s weight 2 times. Scott asked nursing staff to work with him multiple times and the request fell on deaf ears. Why? Grace only weighed 180 pounds. Proning has a significant patient benefit and wasn’t attempted until October 12 - Grace’s 6th day on the hospital!
  • Not able to communicate with patient referenced 3 times. You have to try first, before making this judgement, correct? Grace communicated well until sedated her last day.

What do you think the level of care will be when this bias, from the hospital COVID expert, is prevalent?

"He (the father) believes in the frontline doctor stuff and does not really believe or trust us here in the healthcare setting, which I think is going to be the detriment to his daughter to be honest." [From 10/8/21 doctor Zeimet report.] The aloofness, and rudeness, of this doctor over the phone provoked Scott to tell him he is not a god. He would not wait 30 seconds to talk to Scott in Grace’s room!