Grace's Nephew Caleb Remembers

Grace was the best Aunt ever! She was always kind to me. Grace would always love to do stuff with me and my brother. I called her Aunt Grace. Not ‘ant’ Grace because she said she’s not an insect. Every time we would go swimming at grandma and grandpa’s house, I would have a floaty tube and run and jump onto it. Grace would want to try, and she’d end up flipping off the floaty. Grace also loved doing belly flops. Grace taught me how to make loomy band bracelets. I’m happy she taught me because if she didn’t, I would have no clue how to make them. She had multiple nicknames for me. They were, Tater Tot, Mr. Eyebrows, and Handsome Nephew. Grace called me Tater Tot because I love tater tots, I looked like a tater tot, and our Uncle Travis (Grace’s brother) would call me Tater Tot too. Uncle Travis called Grace (Chicken Wing) and my brother (Small Fry). She called me Mr. Eyebrows because I would move my eyebrows up and down and Handsome Nephew because I’m guessing she thought I was a handsome nephew. Grace made almost everything better, especially with her jokes.

In conclusion, Grace was the best Aunt ever and there is so much about her that I could tell you, but it would take me a very long time to write it all out. I will miss her very much!

Love, Caleb
Age 10