Big Brother Travis

Writings by Grace: My Big Handsome Brother That I Miss

My Big Handsome Brother That I Miss

By Grace E. Schara

December 5, 2019

My brother, Travis Scott Schara was born March 10, 1988 in Honolulu, Hawaii. My mom said he came 3 weeks early and that my Grandma Schara, my dad’s mom, and my Uncle Dean, my dad’s brother had just arrived to visit them in Hawaii. Travis was so cute when he was born. Our parents are Scott and Cindy Schara.

When he was only 2 days old he had to go back to the hospital and sleep under the billirubin lights because he was yellow with jaundice. He looked so little in a picture we have.

Travis was my big handsome brother. He was 30 years old. I miss him sooooooooo much. He was a personal trainer and a lifeguard. Anyone who met him said he was such a nice guy. I agree.

He loved biking, running, cooking, (He was an awesome cook!) frisbee golf, soccer, camping, ultimate Frisbee and golf.

He was never married, but would have made a GREAT husband and a GREAT dad! I know it because he was so good to me!

Travis had a cat named Toni because he was told she was a boy cat, but really was a girl cat. He had a Red Earred Slider Turtle, he named Sif after Thor’s wife. He loved Marvel Comics too and the many characters.

He also loved Star Wars. He could make the Chewbacca sound. He loved music and going to concerts. My mom said he loved me to the moon and back! I think he is watching over me.

I will never forget my big, handsome brother! He was like a big, huggable, loveable bear! He let me ride with him in his car sometimes. He would play Elvis music for me and sing along. He would crank the music up real loud. I miss that! He was a very fun, loving brother who could make others laugh and smile. He loved life and was smart, creative and very resourceful! He could fix almost anything.

My mom says she misses hearing his voice and talking to him. I miss FaceTiming with him. Mostly she misses his smile and seeing his sparkle in his eyes. I miss his big hugs and sleeping over and him tooting/farting under the covers.

Mom said when I was little he let me sit in his lap and drive his car in the driveway. I remember him driving his car around the big pond in the field. That was amazing!

I will never forget him and wish I could have him back here on Earth. He was 30 when he died. He was in a lot of pain from a tumor he had and was taking medicine to help. That medicine made him think bad thoughts about his medicine and he took too many pills and died.

I miss by brother AKA Travis, Elvis, Chicken Butt, Butt Cheeks sooo much my stomach hurts for him.