My heart and prayers go out to your family in dealing with this tragedy that should have never happened. The greed of money, pushed by evil elite and primarily left politicians, has the hospitals eating right from their hands, killing people and labeling covid for billions of dollars. In my situation, I was tested positive for covid and was fine for a week with minor fever...still had taste and smell. Then I suddenly started getting really weak and went to the local hospital. They said my oxygen was dropping and the next thing I know I was waking up in another hospital on intubation after a week in ICU. I still have ongoing medical issues (since May of 2021) but thank the Lord I’m still here as many being intubated don't make it. I should have been prescribed Ivermectin when I went to doctor a few days before being hospitalized. All the vitamins and steroids did NOTHING. Many should not have been intubated and given an array of drugs not approved to work...people were and are the ginny pigs and paying for it with their lives. I am strongly thinking of starting a support group for families that have lost a loved one from covid. This is STILL a very serious matter. May the Lord Jesus be with you and give you strength for your cause .

Fremont, IN