I have been a licensed Registered Nurse 30 years. I have worked in critical care settings and step-down settings as well and many others BUT I listened to the story of losing your daughter with Sean on SGTReports early Friday morning. I am ONLY sharing an opinion which is my own and not as a nurse but using my experience and what I know from it ...

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Salisbury, NC

I saw Scott's interview on Grace and Glory. You are spot on with what is going on in our medical system. I have been an RN for the past 35 years and I have seen it all. Back in the early 90's, I saw how the disabled and elderly were treated with bias. They were not treated with hope, dignity, and have the right to life. Thank-you for getting the truth out. God Bless.

Monroe, NC

My husband, a healthy 52 year old was admitted to the hospital with Covid his O2 was in the high 80s. His file was marked ‘unvaccinated’. We asked for monoclonal antibodies because he was in the first 10 days of the illness and were told that he didn't meet the criteria. We refused the Remdesivir, and his file was marked. Other medications were given to him without my knowledge. The care he received from the nursing staff was criminal. He lost >30 pounds in a month. He did not receive meals. He did not get assistance to go to the bathroom even though they were giving him medication to make him go they would not help him out of bed. His wires were always tangled. His breathing machine ran out of water often and not replaced. His nose was crusted with blood. He many times couldn’t reach water. He wasn’t cleaned or turned. I could only visit between 4-6 pm. I tried to put a camera in the room to watch his machines, but they told me it was a violation of hospital policy. I met with nursing staff managers to complain about the care he was receiving. He would text when he called the nurse for help. Often, I would call also because he would not get any response. I documented the dates and times and what he was calling for and gave it to the nursing manager. The care did not improve. The doctors would take him on and off antibiotics. On vancomycin he seemed to improve and then they would take him off. Finally, they intubated him. He suffered kidney failure from all the strong medication. He also was put on fentanyl. When I questioned why so strong a med they said they did not want him in pain if he was in any. We had one good day where we talked about taking him off dialysis and the next day he was gone. With the amount of medication he was on was mind boggling. None treated his respiratory issues. His death certificate was marked kidney failure and covid pneumonia. What they are doing is criminal. I’m struggling whether to share my story. My son was sick and the doctor’s inaction led to blindness in one eye. I filed a lawsuit and it’s been 8 years and still not settled. It’s been very painful, and I don't think I could go through it again.

Marshville, NC

My story is nothing like your story, but it has led to me being incredibly distrustful of the medical establishment and doctors in general. I have a history of anaphylaxis - two serious events caused by two different injected medications. After the second event, my doctor told me to never get a flu shot - so I never have. When COVID came about with the subsequent vaccines, I asked about getting a medical exemption due to my health history. My doctor would not grant an exemption. Another doctor told me medical exemptions are almost impossible to get. Thankfully I was not required by my job to get the vaccine and have not done so. Based on my reactions in the past, I am convinced the vaccine would most likely cause me to have a severe or fatal reaction. I have lost all trust in the medical establishment. They generally do not seem to care about the well-being of patients and even less for vulnerable populations such as the disabled and elderly. Thank you for listening.

Winston Salem, NC