My son Brandon was a special needs (Downs) who was murdered by the hospital, which I believe he was not diagnosed correctly. He had Covid 19 pneumonia which I believe he only had pneumonia which he tended to get.

He was given Remdesivir, Fentanyl, Lorazepam, Morphine, Midazolam, Propofol and other drugs. We were told he had lived his life expectancy while he was still alive ...

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Hillsboro, TX

I just wanted to share some encouragement the Lord put on my heart this morning for Grace's family. I didn't know Grace, but I can see that her biggest gift was her ability to love. Purely and freely. Beautiful love for everyone she knew. That gift is the most precious gift we are given, one that is so rare. The world and its lies get its hooks in us and it hinders our ability to love. But Grace's ability to love had no restraints. She was an ambassador of heaven on earth, an example of the gift of loving we will all receive one day! The work Grace's family is doing has such profound eternal implications. You seek justice but you're also continuing Grace's legacy of love by spreading a message of forgiveness. This message will impact so many people- some of it seen, much of it unseen. Please know that Grace and all of heaven are celebrating every time you share her legacy of love. Her love is still with us, and nothing can take that away. The more you spread her love the more it grows and the louder heaven cheers as you defeat the enemy. Grace and Jesus are so very proud of you.

Tomball, TX

Like so many, our family also can attest to the killing fields we used to call Hospitals. Our awakening to the Evil began on August 12th, 2021, and ended in my sister-in-law’s murder on September 1st, 2021 at the hands of doctors and nurses at Baptist Medical in San Antonio Texas.

I have personally read all 8000 or so pages of Beth's medical records which is like reading a horror story that I could never imagine would be taking place in Hospitals at the hands of licensed Doctors and Nurses who took an oath not to mention basic code of ethics which has been violated. What happened to all the regulators that are supposed to enforce these codes of ethics? I don't see anyone going to prison. I will spare the details because they are the same as everyone else's nightmare in lockstep formation like a performance out of a script. Not one lawyer to be found willing to take a case where all the evidence is laid out right in front of them. How in the world did this sadistic evil get orchestrated across our country? It is shocking to think that the same Doctors that have such great reviews from pre-covid days can become a Mr. Hyde and be a willing participant in murder by lethal injection of opioids and shoving a tube down innocent people that put their trust in their hands, something we have been taught since childhood is to trust the Doctors and Nurses.

To think that there are that many professionals willing to murder just for blood money? It truly is the root of ALL EVIL. Whatever luxury they spend that money on whether it be cars or a big fancy house, God will see to it, that they will reap what they sew and whatever the Devil offers may be tempting to the weak-minded, but rest assured the Devil eventually turns on those that did his biding... The protocol was handed down by the CDC and NIH, yet they receive billions of our tax money, and they are still being looked upon as trustworthy enough to follow their guidance? How can so many not see that these government-funded organizations need to be dismantled and shut down - yet, so many are still following they're made-up guidance. I have never seen anything like this. Everyone needs to start adding their review on the hospital websites and these Doctors websites like I have been doing. I have also filed complaints with anyone and everyone online I can think of. I leave a comment on websites like this one and will say the name of the hospital that is killing patients.

I pray that everyone that has lost a loved one this way will be able to move beyond the extreme pain losing a loved one in this way can bring. God can heal all your hurt.

San Antonio, TX

Dear Mr. Schara,

God bless you. God bless you and your family. I don't know many people who would have the courage to do what you do. I've seen you on several different programs doing interviews, reliving the worst day of your life over and over, so that maybe somebody else's Grace can be saved. If just half of Americans had half of the intestinal fortitude and strength that you possess America would be a much different place right now. It's because of your interviews I went to doctor Brian Ardis's website and downloaded the power of attorney paperwork along with several others that we had signed and are ready to take if, God forbid, any of us have to go to the hospital for anything. I would not have known about this if it wasn't for you. I add you and your family in my prayers and I thank God for giving people like you the strength when so many would not be able to do what you're capable of.

Farmersville, TX